9D Tempered Glass Full Cover Screen Protector for iPhone

9D Tempered Glass Full Cover Screen Protector for iPhone

$ 3.95



Product Description:


*High Quality & Brand New*

*Real 9D Full Coverage, Perfectly Fits Your iPhone, Covering All The Way To The Very Edges

*Just Like A Second Skin, Feeling like the Original Glass Screen- 9D Cold Curved Edge Design: Innovative Glass Cold Bending Technology, 100% covers the Curved Edge

*With industry leading surface hardness of 9H rating, it will easily withstand scratches from scissors or a box knife on the Screen of Your iPhone with No Weak Points.

*It adds minimal thickness and doesn’t affect touch screen sensitivity, as if it isn’t there

*Made of Chemically Processed Glass Which Gives An Excellent Display And Comfortable Feeling to Touch

*It is curved to perfectly fit the edge and corners, fitting seamlessly

*Slim Tempered Glass Made By High Technical Process
Fast Ship from Melbourne


1.Please clean the surface thoroughly.
2.Peel off the mask sticker layer and position Tempered glass on the surface or back.
3.Once it is positioned, press the middle part of tempered glass and work carefully toward edges.

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